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About Us

Good Laque’s mission is to consistently provide the best arts & crafts Asia has to offer, for all of its customers.

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Good Laque is a medium-sized company, based in Hong-Kong. We specialize in Asian arts & crafts, and cater to the needs of all – ranging from seasonal tourists to large corporations.

The first vision of Good Laque surfaced during a trip to Vietnam in the late 90’s. The project gained clarity throughout 2000-2005, with the opening of its first stores in Central, at the heart of Hong-Kong’s financial district.

As new product lines emerged, so did new types of clients – businesses ranging from wedding planners to industry-leading luxury hotels were pleasantly intrigued by the quality of our products. The challenge was in coping with growing demand, while maintaining overall satisfaction. Boosted by an increase in tourism, Good Laque shifted towards the iconic Stanley Market district, renowned for its arts & crafts stores.

The 2009 economic crisis has provided the company with an opportunity to review its business plan, with customer satisfaction at its core – we pride ourselves in providing the best, at the most affordable price.

Sustainable development is at the core of Good Laque’s vision. All of our products are manufactured using by-products from existing industries in Vietnam, and would have otherwise been discarded We also have stringent sourcing policies, ensuring that all manufacturers apply best practices in their field. For this reason, Good Laque has been dealing almost exclusively with family businesses as suppliers, as they share the same vision of business.